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Introducing Astro, our distinguished Lilac Platinum French Bulldog Stud, serving breeders all over the USA and specifically in California. Astro is not just any stud, but a versatile, medically four-panel cleared marvel by UC Davis animal genetics. Standing as the epitome of a French Bulldog Platinum Stud, Astro boasts an incredibly unique DNA color profile, alluring blue eyes, and a commendable temperament. Blessed with intelligence and a love for his family, Astro is everything you could ask for in a stud.

With Astro carrying two copies of both the blue and cocoa genes, his versatility shines when paired with blue and lilac dogs or carriers. A pairing with a lilac dam would result in a 100% lilac litter, while a visible blue pairing would create a complete blue litter. With a visible platinum, the result would be a 100% platinum litter. Astro’s genetic potential is unparalleled, dramatically increasing the chances of producing highly desirable litters when paired with any carriers of these traits. His genes offer a superior probability of securing the desired DNA pairing in litters.

In addition, Astro carries a copy of the tan points gene. When combined with the right dam, Astro could bequeath a tan point in 50% of the litter. His lineage stands as a testament to his exceptional genetic potential. His father, a well-structured Frenchie, is a visible lilac/tan, platinum-carrying stud, and his mother, a visible blue, also carries the coveted platinum (e) gene and the lilac (dilute) gene.

We proudly make Astro’s DNA testing results from Animal Genetics publicly available, giving breeders the utmost confidence in his capabilities as a French Bulldog Platinum Stud. Take a look at Astro’s DNA profile and understand why he stands as a valuable asset in breeding programs across the USA, particularly in California. With Astro, you don’t just get a Lilac Platinum Stud; you get a promising future of desirable French Bulldog litters.

  • Listing ID: 29
  • A Locus: Ay/At
  • K - Locus: Kbr/Ky
  • Cocoa: co/co
  • Brown (Testable Chocolate): B/B
  • Dilute (Blue): d/d
  • E Locus (Cream): e/e
  • Merle: n/n
  • Pied: S/s
  • Health Panel Clear: Juvenile Hereditary Cataract (JHC), Hyperuricosuria (HUU), Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Canine Multifocal Retinopathy 1 (CMR1)
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  1. Jose Martinez

    What is the stud price for Astro?

  2. Jose Martinez

    Seen most of your YouTube videos and have found them to be informative thx. Interesting stud service for Astro what is price?

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