Chewbacca - Lilac Tri-Color with Tan Points STUD

 Stud / by Juan Hernandez / 220 views

Chewie is a 24 pound stocky Lilac Tri-color with tan points, and is an Isabella carrier too. Chewie is extremely healthy and is DNA tested 6 panel cleared. He is currently in northern Virginia but depending on the month may be back in Florida.

  • Listing ID: 646
  • A Locus: At/At
  • Cocoa: co/co
  • Brown (Testable Chocolate): B/b
  • Dilute (Blue): d/d
  • E Locus (Cream): e/Em
  • Merle: n/n
  • Longhair: L/L
  • Pied: S/s
  • Chondrodysplasia (CDPA): Clear (0 Copies)
  • Health Panel Clear: Hyperuricosuria (HUU), Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Canine Multifocal Retinopathy 1 (CMR1)
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20354 VERA CRUZ LNUnited States,33498-6744 Show Phone Number

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