AI Puppy Scams: Why Verified Breeders Will Be In High Demand

You’re about to meet a very unusual French Bulldog family. They appear cute and cuddly, sometimes even heroic. The truth, however, is that none of these French bulldogs actually exist.

(AI) French Bulldog Puppy. Chocolate Brindle.

These French Bulldog Photos were all generated using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Image engines. The reason for this post is to alert you to the next generation of French Bulldog scams that are already at an all-time high. The French Bulldog website or Instagram account that you’ve fallen in love with might be comprised entirely of Frenchies that have never existed!

(AI) Fawn French Bulldog Puppy
(AI) Festive Christmas Frenchie Dressed as Santa

Every day, AI Technology is advancing and scams will become more automated and more prevalent. Each image was created by us in less than 20 seconds by typing in seven words to describe the image we wanted. This used to take a highly trained visual effects artist hours if not days to create. Is it likely scammers will take advantage of this technology? We’ll try to get our point across in the most enjoyable way possible. Now let me introduce you to my AI French Bulldog family and show you some of their amazing, imaginary talents!

(AI) French Bulldog Couple

Here are some very proud French bulldog parents and my sister absolutely loves luna the black brindle.

(AI) woman and her favorite french bulldog

Most of our Frenchies have been trained to take exceptional selfies.

(AI) Fawn French Bulldogs Taking a Selfie
(AI) Lilac Frenchies Taking a Selfie

Not everybody in our house is as thrilled about taking selfies.

(AI)French Bulldog taking a selfie with a cat

Our Frenchie Family comes from a long line of superheroes by the way. From protecting Gotham to saving the galaxy, our Frenchies have done it all.

(AI) French Bulldog Batman
(AI) French Bulldog Yoda Defends his territory
(AI) The fifth ninja turtle
(AI) If Godzilla were a French Bulldog

We’ve had the occasional French Bulldog turn on us, but they are always so well dressed it was hard not to give them a pass.

(Ai) A French Bulldog as a Bond Villan
(AI) Lilac French Bulldog wearing a suit
(AI)French Bulldog wearing a suit
(AI)Woops…another selfie

Our Frenchies love the water, unlike most that can’t swim.

(AI) French Bulldog on a Boat
(AI) Scuba Frenchie

But at the end of every day, they just want to be with real human people.

(AI) Frenchie with a woman
(AI) Fawn Frenchie Pup out for a walk
(AI) Non-existent Frenchie pattern

We’re proud of our Frenchies’ lineage, which can be traced back nearly 100 years!

(AI) A Frenchie in 1927

But in all seriousness, AI can also create alternate versions of something that already exists. Here’s what we received when we asked for a different version of blufrenchible’s Elon.

(AI) BluFrenchible’s Elon from Wish

I think you get the point by now. Everything is not what it seems so I’m sure you’ve probably had enough…oh wait, you want more?

(Ai) French Bulldog Crossed with Yoda
(AI)French Bulldog version of Wednesday Adams
(AI)French Bulldog Playing a Guitar
(AI) French Bulldog on Karaoke night
(AI) French Bulldog in the pool
(AI) French Bulldog Version of Pennywise
(AI)French Bulldog playing hockey
(AI) Lilac French Bulldog with a woman

We hope this gives you some insight into the next generation of puppy scams and why breeder reputation will continue to become increasingly important in the years ahead. Remember, none of the images in this article are real. This technology will continue to move forward and improve along with video technology. The proof you request to verify a pup is real is getting easier to fake. Share with your friends and don’t let anyone become a victim of puppy scam