The Rise in Popularity of French Bulldogs: Why are These Dogs So Popular?

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world. They were first recognized as a distinct breed more than 150 years ago and have been popular ever since. French Bulldogs are known for their short, stocky square build and wrinkly coat. They have broad heads wide eyes and strong jawlines. Let’s explore a few reasons that could explain the surge in popularity and why they have become the number one dog breed according to the AKC.

Two Lilac French Bulldog Puppies – 6 Weeks old

Dense Housing Attracts French Bulldogs

One of the most attractive things about owning a French Bulldog is that you don’t need a large living space or a big backyard for a Frenchie to be happy. They are great living companions in a house or an apartment. In the US, the population density was declining up until around 2010 and steadily increased over the last ten years. Major cities are growing at a faster rate with more condo and apartment-style living which is a great fit for Frenchies. It’s no surprise to see French Bulldogs surging in popularity in places such as San Diego, Austin, Miami, Toronto, and Sydney.

French Bulldog Lilac Puppy Sitting on the Deck

French Bulldogs and Celebrity Influence

French bulldogs are spotted among the most famous celebrities on Instagram and have many of their own accounts too! They’re famous for their cute look and cuddly personality. French bulldogs have been spotted with a lot of big names, including Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé. Well-known Actors Benedict Cumberbatch, The Rock, Reese Witherspoon, Leonardo Dicaprio, Emma Watson, and many others have also been spotted with French Bulldogs in public. Michael J Fox, Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin are also proud owners of these lovely dogs.

Lady Gaga and her French Bulldogs

One of the most publicized events in recent times is when Lady Gaga had her French bulldogs stolen in Los Angeles. Five people were charged as her dog walker was shot during the dognapping, they were unaware at the time the Frenchies belonged to Lady Gaga. A woman returned the Frenchie’s to the police station after Lady Gaga offered $500 000 as a reward, but the woman was later charged in connection to the crime.

Crimes relating to French Bulldogs have surged in recent years. It has become common for breeders to keep their addresses private to avoid being targeted by criminals. French Bulldogs have also been reported stolen from homes, property, vehicles, and by armed assailants. French Bulldog scams are also at an all-time high with fake websites popping up daily attempting to sell puppies that don’t exist. There are many heartbreaking stories of families arriving to pick up a French Bulldog puppy from an airport to find out they’ve just been scammed out of thousands of dollars.

Lilac and Tan French Bulldog, Aries

Cost of French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are the most expensive dog breed in the world. With an average price in excess of $5000, breeding quality French Bulldogs can be worth upwards of $10,000. Some rare-colored Frenchies have been reportedly sold for over $50,000. The surge in popularity has driven the prices upwards during the last decade, however, it has also led to a market-flooding of unhealthy, imported French Bulldogs at a lower price. The availability of French Bulldogs has increased and made them more attainable, but it has been to a detriment to the breed.

Astro the Lilac Platinum French Bulldog Stud.

French Bulldogs are predisposed to a wide range of health problems relating to the hips and spine. Reputable breeders will use genetic screening to minimize the chances of these and other illnesses. Medical costs can be substantial if these conditions develop and dramatically impact quality of life for the Frenchie.

French Bulldog Personalities

French Bulldogs are known for their funny personalities. They are affectionate, silly, and intelligent. These traits make them perfect for families with kids and other pets. Frenchies are known for their odd behavior and stubbornness. French Bulldogs are energetic and social, so they need space to run around and play with their family. Frenchies can be barkers and will sometimes howl loudly when they are anxious or excited. They sometimes run around in circles in an entertaining fashion to burn off excess energy. French Bulldogs do make an exceptional companion and are perfect for any family looking for a four-legged addition.

Pluto the lilac puppy

There are several contributing factors that explain why this breed has steadily grown in popularity and is chosen more often over other small bre